AMS Extender Version 1.1.0


AMS Extender includes a series of very different small features. For instance you can change the scrolling speed, or show a small status icon with the current battery level.


The following features are available on all models:

  • By default, scrolling is extremly slow. AMS Extender allows to fully customize the scrolling behaviour.
  • kbdprgmX normally only work on the home screen. Now they work everywhere. Also, kbdprgm7 up to kbdprmg9 can be used.
  • AMS Extender automatically adds two missing brackets on the home screen, if the name of an executable file is entered, and the user presses [ENTER].
  • It is possible to change the blinking speed of the cursor. Not very useful, but why not.. :P
  • It's possible to specify an autostart program that is executed whenever the calculator is tunred on.
  • Change the value of the APD (Auto Power Down) timer (time until the calculator automatically turns off)
  • Turn the calculator off with a single key: [ON].
  • The three editors (program-, text- and matrix-editor can be started with a keyboard shortcut.

Some features are only available on the Voyage 200 and the TI-92+:

  • Start kbdfuncX with [diamond]+[F1-F8] (similar to kbdprgms).
  • Digital clock in the bottom left corner, with 12h and 24h mode.
  • [diamond] + [CLEAR] clears the home screen history
  • [diamond] + [a] selects the while entry line (like CTRL+A on a normal computer would).
  • Battery level in the bottom left corner.
  • QWERTY or QWERTZ keyboard layout.
  • Change between RAD and DEG with [diamond] + [*].


Like all my projects for calculators of TI, AMS Extender is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence. Therefore, the complete source code in C (with small portions of GNU or A68k assembler) is freely availble and can be modified and extended under the terms of the GNU GPL.

download .zip, 219.57 KiB


The images may show older versions of the program.

screenshot screenshot