Backup System Settings Version 1.1.0


This small program allows the user to back up most of the system settings and restore them later. This is especially useful if one resets the calculator often, as developers tend to do.


The following settings can be backed up and restored:

  • Clock (on/off)
  • Time and date format
  • All of the twenty settings of the MODE dialog
  • The maximum number of entries in the home screen history
  • Contrast
  • All TSR's written by me (at the moment only AMS Extender) are notified, and will back up their settings as well.

The program can also be started with arguments (to be used in a TI-Basic program for instance).


Like all my projects for calculators of TI, Backup System Settings is licenced under the GNU General Public Licence. Therefore, the complete source code in C (with small portions of GNU or A68k assembler) is freely availble and can be modified and extended under the terms of the GNU GPL.

download .zip, 24.82 KiB


The images may show older versions of the program.